2017 Baseball Meetings - Westminster Presbyterian Church  2301 Ridgeway Road (next to Jackson Christian School)

Sunday, March 5 @ 4:00 PM 

Sunday, March 12 @ 4:00 PM

Sunday, March 19 @ 4:00 PM

Wednesday, March 29 @ 4:00 PM Scrimmage @ Jackson High School

Monday, April 24 @ 7:00 PM

Board Representative & Sport Trainer/Coordinator - Andy Reiman


MHSAA Contest Suspension Policy

Remember You need to be a member in good standings with the MHSAA and the JAOA to be considered for the MHSAA tournament!

Paid MHSAA Dues

Send In Your Games Schedule Paper Work To The MHSAA By April 1, 2017

Watch The MHSAA Rules Meeting

Work 12 Varsity Games

Be On The Aproved List

Take And Received A 80% Grade On The MHSAA Baseball Test: To Work The Quarter Final, Semi-Final

Paid JAOA Dues

Attend 50% Of The JAOA Meetings

Play of the Week #2

May the pitcher wear white or grey sleeves that extend below the elbow?  May the pitcher use a multi-color glove?  May the pitcher wear an elastic sleeve on his pitching arm in the elbow area?

Ruling:  A pitcher may not wear a long sleeve undershirt that is white or grey in color.  White or grey short sleeve shirts are legal above the elbow.  Pitchers may use any color glove with the exception of white or grey to include the lacing or strings on the glove.  Yes, elastic sleeves are legal as long as they do not contain the color white or grey.

Play of the Week:

Runner on third base with one out.  Batter squares to bunt but miss the ball on a 1-1 pitch and the ball hits the batter in the leg before rolling to the backstop.  Runner from third base attempts to score and is thrown out at the plate. What is the ruling?

Ruling: The runner is returned to third base as the ball becomes immediately dead when it hits the batter.  The batter now has a count of 1-2.  Good umpiring mechanics would have the plate umpire letting everyone know the ball is dead once it hit the batter.  We need to get this play stopped and not allow action to continue during a dead ball.

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